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Summer wraps up

We wrapped up our Summer 2023 session this week and it was bittersweet. It is always bittersweet when a session wraps up because we have grown so much together and look forward to group weekly. It is so gratifying to see the projects come along and the vision be realized in each individual art piece. More than that though, is the process of personal growth in each participant. Mike and I have an ongoing debate about who gets more out of these workshops, the participants or the instructors. Jury is still out on that one ;)

With the end of this session we will be moving into our new space, this makes the wrap up of Summer even more bittersweet. We are looking forward to the change, but have enjoyed the serenity of the waterfront shop space we have had so far. It will be difficult to let it go for sure! However, the benefit of being able to accommodate more individuals vs having transportation roadblocks far outweighs the aesthetics differences.

We took the group of graduates (minus one) out for ice cream, needless to say, we all enjoyed the sugar rush and had a blast! A few of them specifically enjoyed the giant chair, who says kids have to have all the fun?

Happy trails Summer! Welcome Fall <3

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