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Origin Story

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

A long time ago, in a distant 3 decker not too far away…… During the trying days of the COVID-19 lockdown, I stumbled upon an unexpected source of peace and personal growth—flipping, or upcycling, antique and vintage furniture. As the world struggled with the pandemic, I embarked on a transformative journey that initially started as an easy hobby which interested me and could potentially bring some form of income. As my now fiancée and I soon discovered, this endeavor not only aided me in maintaining my sobriety on the path of recovery from alcoholism, but also ignited a burning passion to extend a helping hand to others seeking their own restoration through addiction recovery.

Much like the delicate art of furniture restoration and upcycling, the process of recovering from addiction is a multifaceted journey that demands patience, skill, and a desire to change something. With each lovingly executed repair and refinishing of antique pieces, I saw parallels between this craft and the restoration of self. These pieces, often marked by the scars of time, often cast away and left on the curb side, resonated with the lives of individuals grappling with addiction. Just as I breathed new life into these treasures, I discovered the power of transformation within myself, using each piece as a canvas for my own restoration while maintaining my sobriety with renewed purpose.

The profound experience of simultaneously restoring myself and antique furniture kindled within me an unshakable sense of empathy and resilience. These qualities fueled my desire to enter the realm of addiction recovery as a dedicated recovery coach. And now, to be going back to school for my Masters in rehabilitation counseling. In much the same way I poured my heart into restoring antique gems, I now aspire to guide and support individuals on their unique journeys to their own restoration of self. Pliny the Elder, was a Roman historian who wrote stories of individuals on sailing ships known as ARCHEGOS. The word ARCHEGOS in Greek means “one who leads the way”. On the war ships, the archegos was the one who would dive into rough seas with unwavering determination to rescue others, and when ships could not reach shore, they were the strongest that could pull a guide rope to the shore for others to follow. I too hope to be able to guide and support others down their path of recovery, and their profound restoration of self, one step at a time.

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Beautifully written! What a journey. I'm excited for you and all those you will lead and guide to their profound restoration of self! Well done Mike!

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