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Furniture flipping is art?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

So I am an artist, I can finally say that. I always thought other people were the artists and since I didn't have the skill to paint my own original landscapes or draw faces that I had no artistic skill. I was the only one telling myself that stuff though, anybody else would have told me that building props and sets for theater was art. Being able to match colors and blend paints on huge backdrops, and coming up with stage designs and costumes to match, that is art. I got into furniture flipping because when I look at an old run down antique, I see past it and see color and design.

Still, I had no idea that what I was doing was art. In my efforts to learn technique, I came across a YouTuber named Kacha. This is when I heard the term "furniture artist", I have to admit I was stunned. As I watched her and other talented flippers, I learned not only their techniques, but also their art styles. I began to think that maybe I had my own style also, so I just started trying stuff. To this day, I have more ideas than I do time, and I am inspired daily by other artists and what they are doing. I have a million techniques I have yet to try and have made so many mistakes, some of which turned out super fun!

Now I see that what I am doing is art, it just so happens my "canvas" is untraditional. I still have friends and relatives I consider "real artists", so I know my mindset still needs little work. As I go however, I am learning more and realizing how much I already know, which is gratifying for sure!

Hi, my name is Star, and I am a furniture artist.

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