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Furniture A.R.T. Program

Adaptive • Recovery • Teaching

The Furniture A.R.T. Program was born out of a dream and passion to utilize furniture restoration as something more than restored wood and farm house decor. It was turning the passion for upcycling inanimate objects into a vision of restoring that which was tired, used, forgotten, and filled with potential and making it a beautiful story. Mike and Star have a great passion for people, and center their careers around supporting those in recovery. Mike saw how flipping furniture fulfilled him in time and purpose, and truly felt it could help keep others in recovery on the right track.


In 2019 they began their conceptualizing for the program, and in the Spring of 2022 were able to partner with a human services agency and launch the first pilot.


The pilot program ran for three months at the end of the year, and was awarded a citation from the state senate. Since then, they have run a spring and summer session in Whitinsville, moved to a

new space in Worcester, and began a fall session in the new location.

They were awarded the 2023 Creative Intersections Grant by GWCF and began a relationship with Creative Hub Worcester, with whom they will be collaborating for the next two sessions.

For more information regarding the program including stories, photos, and updates from Mike and Star, please see the Furniture A.R.T. Program Blog below. 

What's Current?

SPRING SESSION: Our Spring session will wrapping up soon! Enrollment for the Summer session begins May 7!
The program is a12-week workshop series where participants attend two classes per week. Each session includes a 1 hour recovery/wellness focused meeting and a 1 hour furniture workshop. Using evidence-based customized curriculum, individuals are learning how to restore vintage furniture with a focus on restoration of self.

Current Grants, Partnerships, and Associations:

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